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Matrimonial Investigation

Pri-Con Investigations assist families in resolving their disputes. Our investigators have extensive experience in handling the sensitive nature of marital and family disputes. Our office will work closely with your attorney to uncover critical information and evidence in settling cases involving assets, child custody and/or visitation rights.

Matrimonial investigation services generally involve attempting to establish possible adultery situations using the rules of “A test of intent, opportunity, and inclination.” This is not difficult to prove and can be explained further during your free consultation.

Our trained matrimonial private investigators can also conduct co-habitation investigation, which can be used to control alimony. As part of our matrimonial investigation services, we can also provide our clients with strong references for divorce attorneys who can guide and assist in this sensitive process. Our matrimonial private investigators can provide peace of mind by obtaining the evidence needed to determine the direction that is in the best interest of the client.


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