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Background Investigations & Skip Tracing

We have found that proper use of database information has proven to be an excellent tool in identifying possible fraudulent activity, past litigation histories and use of alias names. Through the use of national databases we have been able to uncover information that would have otherwise gone undetected. We have found all of our database information to be extremely helpful in assisting our clients in obtaining complete and accurate information on a subject

Pri-Con Investigations does not rely on just one database provider in order to verify information. We use a number of national database service providers in order to cross reference this information and obtain the utmost in accuracy.

During the course of litigation and trial preparation we have also been able to successfully aid insurance companies and law firms in locating witnesses needed for trial. We expedite the handling of these cases realizing their time sensitive nature.

Pri-Con Investigations has also been successful in uncovering and verifying claimant assets for both insurance companies and law firms alike. These services are helpful for both underwriting purposes and for the purpose of securing assets to be forfeited in post litigation procedures. The type of assets Pri-Con has uncovered in the past include foreign and domestic bank accounts, annuity and trust funds, real property, boat, vehicle and aircraft holdings. All of which we have uncovered through the use of our database providers.


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