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Insurance Investigations

In recent years we have been very successful in servicing the needs of insurance providers. For these providers we have accomplished a number of different professional tasks, efficiently and effectively. Pri-Con has a shocking 87% success rate, while the average company has a 57% success rate.

Pri-Con has been assisting insurance companies by working closely with their Special Investigation Units in uncovering and proving fraudulent claims. The tasks performed in accomplishing our clients goals vary from locating claimants, obtaining video surveillance of claimants, taking statements and skip tracing possible witnesses to these claims. These services are conducted all in an effort to uncover fraudulent claims. We also assist their offices and outside counsel in prepping their cases for trial.

Pri-Con employs bilingual and multi-cultural investigators. This enables us to conduct investigations and take statements in the “Tri-State Area” of New York, New Jersey and Connecticut, which are very diverse communities. Pri-Con employs retired members of law enforcement and former military which enables us to identify and obtain information that many other investigative firms cannot obtain.


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